For centuries herbs have played a pivotal role in many cultures and civilizations, for their healing properties, as well as for seasoning food. At Fragro® our herbs are grown specifically for their outstanding culinary and ornamental qualities.

Traditionally herbs have been grown in an herb garden or vegetable plot and while this approach works well, edible plants can make an extremely attractive addition to an ornamental garden, patio planter or hanging basket. The bright splash of colour of Golden Lemon Thyme, the texture of Curled Parsley, or the zesty aroma of Basil, planted amongst annuals, or in containers makes for a strikingly different and potentially edible display.

In addition to being tasty and looking good, herbs can attract beneficial insects to the garden. When planting herbs between vegetable plants or in a flower border, these beneficial insects can help reduce populations of insect pests throughout the garden, reducing the need for chemical pesticides. Low growing groundcover herbs, such as Creeping Thyme, Creeping Savory or Prostrate Rosemary provide a natural solution for weed control. A natural weed control, that not only looks good, it smells wonderful, attracts beneficial insects and can provide herbs for the kitchen.

Whether you like to savor the fruits of your labor, enjoy a vibrant aroma, or just make your garden look good, herbs offers a host of opportunities. Tantalize your senses, plant Fragro® herbs in your garden or on your deck. You can have your garden and eat it!