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Headlands Garden Plants
is a family run nursery located in British Columbia’s Fraser Valley. Started by Stephen and Julie Head in 2003, the nursery evolved out of a combination of our interest in herbs and  pursuit of cultivating plants in harmony with our environment, hence our tag line, ‘a natural balance™’. Stephen trained as a horticulturist in England and Julie, also from England, has a long standing interest in herbs, particularly harvesting and cooking with herbs. She particularly enjoys experimenting with different combinations and dishes. Our nursery has a dedicated staff, passionate about what they do, working hard to ensure that the quality of the plants we offer is unsurpassed. Lauren Head started working at the nursery in 2018, the thrid generation of horticulturalists in the family. Lauren shares her parents passion for plants and brings her enthusiasm and new ideas to the business.

For 2021 we have impemented some substantal additions to production, while still maitnianing our traditional growing methods. With more greenhouse space, an automated potting line and an upgade of the greenhouse enviromental controls, Headlands is well positioned to meet the challenges of a growing market.

The plant collection includes over 80 herbs and plants sold under the brand name of Fragro®, noticeable by the distinctive cream and terracotta tag and terracotta colored pot. The Fragro® collection of herbs and plants caters to every taste.

Like so many people today, we’re fussy about what goes onto our plants.  Fragro® herbs and plants are grown using biological and organic approved pest controls. Within our business, we strive to offer only the highest quality plants to our customers and attain a high level of sustainability and social responsibility.

Fragro® plants offer something for everyone, whether it’s herbs for growing on, to add a pleasant fragrance to the garden or for patio containers, there is something for every discerning gardener. Available only from leading garden centres in Western Canada, be sure to ask for the Fragro® brand at your local garden centre.